Small Fish Head - Matte Blue & Yellow

Small Fish Head - Matte Blue & Yellow

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2"W x 3.25"H x 1"D


Artist: Peter Jacobsen

I work primarily in the medium of glass to create work about the oceans I grew up immersed in. My family and I depended on the oceans for as long as I can remember. Being around the ocean and fish gave me an immense respect and appreciation for them. My work conveys the beauty and wonder I find in these spaces to those who may not grasp or know these worlds. I believe fish and aquatic lives act as a beautifully refined system of beings who have a more perfected social structure than we, as humans, with all of our innovation and technology have ever been able to achieve. How do these “lesser” beings succeed in such a fashion? I aim to highlight their success as a community and try to compare it to our own in some way.

*This is a handmade item. Dimensions and color may vary from the image. Museum Store staff are happy to address questions about specific products:

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