Trenton Quiocho

Trenton Quiocho is a Tacoma-based artist dedicated to the craft of glass and youth development through art. He began his explorations in glass as a young student in Tacoma and has continued with the material for over a decade. He has worked as a glassblower and hot shop technician with local organizations including Chihuly Boathouse, Glassybaby, Hilltop Artists, and the Museum of Glass. Quiocho has also worked as an instructor for the Museum of Glass’ Hot Shop Heroes program, and teaching assistant at Pilchuck Glass School.

Quiocho has received several scholarships to expand his practice and continue his studies, including the John and Mary Shirley Scholarship in Glass from Pratt Fine Arts Center, an Emerging Artist award from the Museum of Glass, and several scholarships from Hilltop Artists, where he continues to teach today.

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