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Independent Glass Artist, studio located within Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.  Mining 5,000 years of glass history as a rich source of inspiration, Matthews has become internationally recognized for his mastery of the glass sphere.  He started handling molten glass for aesthetic purposes in 1974 while still an undergraduate at glorious Kent State University.   After receipt of  his MFA from Ohio University, he began working full time in glass, concentrating nearly exclusively on spheres in 1985.    “For me, the sphere is a device that unifies my radically diverse explorations in  glass”, says Matthews, who utilizes both modern and ancient techniques to create everything from traditional swirls and lutz marbles to realistic interpretations of animal pelts.

*This is a handmade item. Dimensions and color may vary from the image. Museum Store staff are happy to address questions about specific products:

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