Pendant - Year of the Dragon (Brownish Green)

Pendant - Year of the Dragon (Brownish Green)

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This is a handmade item; colors may vary slightly.

2024 is the year of the dragon.

The Dragon symbolizes power, nobleness, honor, luck, and success in traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon is a supernatural being with no parallel for talent and excellence.


Lily started her journey in glass February 2020 at age 12 and credits glassblowing with helping get her through COVID. Gee started May 2022 with our first mission together being to make Black Pink (Blink) pumpkins for Lily’s Quinceañera. Now, we are a mother daughter duo who use our chicana fire to make a variety of glass art. Connecting to our culture, community and each other is at the heart of everything we do.💚🤍❤️

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