Jellyfish Droplet Earrings - Black & Blue

Jellyfish Droplet Earrings - Black & Blue

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0.75"H x 0.5"D


Coleman Anderson is a Tacoma, WA based artist who has been working with glass since 2013. He began his glass career making pipes and other smoking devices but found his own personal style in the summer of 2018. The idea of putting as many holes into glass as possible came when he discovered his little brother had trypophobia (the fear of circles or bumps). Naturally, Coleman took advantage of this but discovered something deeper. His goal now is to make beautiful works of art that also leave the viewer slightly uncomfortable.

You can follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with what events he is vending and new art pieces he is creating. Instagram@253coleman

*This is a handmade item. Dimensions and color may vary from the image. Museum Store staff are happy to address questions about specific products:

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