Blown Black Purple Avventurina Necklace

Blown Black Purple Avventurina Necklace

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Murano Glass necklace of hand-made blown multi-stratto avventurina and flame-worked murrine beads, in stunning black and purple tones


Leslie Ann Genninger is an American designer who decided to move to Venice over 35 years ago to pursue her artistic inspiration and fell in love with its way of life, history, cuisine, art and Murano Glass. She works on the island of Murano along side some of the greatest glass masters and artisans, and designs around their best techniques. Her beads have linked to miniature Jackson Pollock-type canvases, her jewelry to Peggy Guggenheimsque gems, and her goblets to post-modern wine connoisseur delights.   

In 1988 Leslie's traveling in Europe brought her to the shores of Venice, where she met some incredibly gifted artisans. Her fascination with Murano sparked her creativity and inspired her to start working with the glass, assisting the artisans and Venetian Glass Masters.


*This is a handmade item. Dimensions and color may vary from the image. Museum Store staff are happy to address questions about  specific products:

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