Comstock Glass

Artist Statement:

I was told as a young child I wasn’t artistic, handsome, or smart. I believed it, as a young child does. In my 20’s I found out the most amazing thing, art heals. The smallest creative project made me feel better. That was the beginning of my creative journey. It took me through pottery, painting, paper art, and a host of others, but glass always held a fascination for me. There’s magic in how light plays through the glass. I took some classes in blown glass and I really enjoyed it, but glass opened up for me when I bought my first kiln used on craigslist in about 2008. I was instantly hooked. I used that kiln to its tiny limit and had the best time ever creating with it. Years rolled by and I left Oklahoma where I was born and raised and moved to Portland Or. I picked Portland, in part, because the factory for Bullseye glass is there and that’s the glass I prefer to work with.  This was pre covid and they had in-person classes at the factory and brought in artists from all over to teach. I learned so much there. My current body of work is informed by my identity as a gay man and my work with queer youth. The struggle is real and ongoing, as evidenced by the new batch of laws being passed or considered in many States. So I make art to feed the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community and as my daily protest against fascism and authoritarianism. I keep an inclusive perspective for all my designs and body of work. We are a stronger world when everyone has a seat at the table. I want to be part of building that world.

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