Iittala Lilac Lady Hot Shop Bird


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Hand Blown at the Museum of Glass during the 2013 residency of Finnish Glassblowers Kirsi Anttila and Arto Lahtinen, the birds made in our Hot Shop are an opportunity for the team to experiment with color palettes. Collectors can find traditional Iittala designs created with a one-of-a-kind twist.

Treasured by collectors the world over, these MOG creations are a rare collectible and have a limited availability. In 2013 the team created many birds in a variety of styles.

Each bird is hand etched with MOG IITTALA 2013 to commemorate the residency and ensure authenticity. These birds do not come with an Iittala box.

The Lilac Lady has a fading ruby color body with a clear head and lilac and metallic beak.

Artist: Kirsi Anttila and Arto Lahtinen

Material(s): Glass

Dimensions: 8.5 inch by 3.75 inch by 4.75 inch

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