Reticello Sunflower

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From the delicate curves of each ray floret, to the center disc floret-buds created by using the reticello technique, this stunning sunflower will liven up any room, no pollen included.

Artist: Michael Cozza

Material(s): Glass, Wrought Iron Stand

Dimensions: Flower Approx. 10" d, Stand Approx. 20.5" h x 7.25" w




Michael focuses primarily on sculptural vessel work using a combination of color and pattern to compliment the forms he creates. Inspired by traditional Venetian techniques of color application such as cane and murrine, Michael explores the possibilities of geometric patterns within the material. Engaging the optical qualities and transparency of glass are the most important elements in his work. He also uses garage work to add sculptural elements that take his refined skill to a whimsical state.

Michael is originally from the Pacific Northwest and has studied at Pilchuck Glass School, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Pratt Fine Arts Center. He currently works as a gaffer at The Glasshouse Studio, artist assistant for Dante Marioni, and has a studio in Seattle where he continues to create new work.

“As a material, glass is my main focus. Sculpting and manipulating glass at its liquid state to create something very solid has always been so magical to me. My work is process driven, achieving intricacy with lines and patterns as I explore the material. I strive to capture this precision and beauty in nature, reproducing and preserving the movement of life.”

Location: Seattle, WA

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